Our caring and fully trained teachers, offer a comfortable and loving atmosphere to our babies. The environment is nurturing, stimulating, and soothing with plenty of hugs, cuddles, talking and listening. Our dedicated staff will pay close attention to your child’s needs and surround him/her with a feeling of warmth and security. You are always welcome to join your child for meals, including breast-feeding.


Each day the children in our infant program participate in activities that stimulate their developmental process. The materials in our infant room are specially designed to equip the children in their learning process. Our infant teachers provide one on one interaction throughout the day. The infants in our program are fortunate to have a stimulating social environment. The peer learning that occurs in our infant room is an essential part of the development of the child’s ability to build social relationships.


The infants in our program spend time outdoors each day to enrich their development as well. This key component in our program enables children to experience the sights and sounds of the outdoor environment. The infants are encouraged to listen for the sounds of nature and to participate in other stimulating sensorial activities while enjoying the outdoors.

The toddler program provides continuation in the care of children from infancy thru toddler hood. This program combines the social interaction of the infant room along with the development of sensory skills that coincide with the Montessori Materials used at this stage.


Our loving staff provide our toddlers with a nurturing environment essential to their proper growth and development. Each day the toddlers are provided with countless opportunities to stimulate their development. We strive to provide activities in the areas of physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative growth. The children spend time each day engaged in quality activities that are specially designed, through the Montessori Method, by our qualified staff. The children participate in art activities each day. The focus of these art activities is on the process of art. The children spend time outdoors each day and are encouraged to participate in many fun large motor activities. The toddlers are provided with many walking and riding toys as well as a play structure that provides a safe environment for climbing, balance and coordination.

Our preschool program is designed for children ages 2 years to 3 years or until potty trained. We believe that early childhood is the most important time of exploration and discovery. The mental development of a child is at its most critical stage from birth through age six. At this stage a child’s mind is similar to a sponge absorbing knowledge from his/her environment and experience. Our desire is to help every child in our program realize his or her fullest potential by providing a specialized Montessori environment which allows children the freedom to move around their environment and satisfy their inner need for imitation, repetition and movement through the prepared areas in each classroom.


This program promotes social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth through the use of Montessori materials in a prepared environment. Our dedicated, highly trained teachers guide children as they participate in a variety of Montessori activities in which they discover, explore, classify, organize and develop skills essential to future academic and social success. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace, in their own learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

This is a prepared environment prepared for preschool children between ages 3 to 5, entirely Montessori based. In this program, your child will have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom to move around his environment, and satisfy his inner needs for imitation, repetition, and movement through the following areas.

These activities satisfy the child’s need for imitation through simple to complex activities that he has seen in his home environment. These activities that can be as simple as grasping beans from one container to another, or as detailed and complex as dishwashing, will allow the child to satisfy his need for imitation. They will also increase the development of his coordination of movement, independence, self-awareness, social skills of grace and courtesy, as well as concentration and attention.

These materials will help develop and refine your child’s senses. Sensorial materials are concrete abstraction of the environment, such as color, shape, and size. Through these materials, and with the help of the teacher, the child experiences each of these qualities of the environment, one of his senses at a time. This area will help the child develop his senses, prepare his mathematical mind, and develop his sense of appreciation of art and language.

Through this area, the child will learn to love and appreciate the skills necessary for counting, adding, multiplying, dividing in all areas of mathematics, including static, dynamic or decimal operations. Once again, all the material in this area is set up in a concrete to abstract concept.

From the moment the child walks in the classroom, his/her vocabulary is constantly through all the areas of the environment. This area will concentrate on phonetically developing the child’s ability to read and write at a very early age. He will also have the opportunity to learn parts of speech, oral expression, and creative writing, with the use of fun materials such as the farm game.

This area offers geography, history, botany, zoology, and human values materials. Your child will enjoy discovering his world and the world around him using his language, sensorial, and mathematical skills.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality education, that helps children development into a responsible, respectful life-long learners who are prepared to successfully meet the challenges of our global society.


We offer a strong academic curriculum with qualified, highly Montessori trained teachers. The number of children per class is limited to ensure that each child receives individual attention. Student achievement is well above academic grade (typically one year ahead of public school). Our curriculum covers all academic areas including: Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geography (physical and cultural), Current Events, Computer, Art & Music.

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